WIP report

So, I’ve been busy. Thoroughly Modern Millie opens a week from Wednesday (ack!!!!).

But just cause I’ve been working on a show doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting….oh no. Since I’m onlu in three scenes, I get a lot of knitting done.

Although it has been sunny for the past couple days, last week I needed something to take off the winter chill. So I finally started Wisp, which I had been wanting to knit for a while. Here is my wisp. It’s so light and pretty!

Yesterday I went to Molehill farm for about an hour and worked on my July Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. Here is my July Shawl so far.

Lately I’ve been reminding myself how much I’m looking forward to trip to Califorinia in May. I did this last winter too. But it’s sunny and warm down there and it’s…sunny and warm-ish here. I wish I could go down there at spring break…

Back to my homework now!



So I got in to my school’s musical, which is Thoroughly Modern Millie. I am SO TOTALLY EXCITED, this is an AWESOME musical with an AWESOME cast.  It’s weird, though, to look at the people I’ve been going to school with the past four years, the people who I was in my last musical with (Oklahoma!, my frosh year) and think about how I won’t be around most of them next year. And to look at how some of them have so much potential to become famous on Broadway, but that’s not where they’re headed.

But gosh, I’d forgotten how much work it is to put on a musical, and this is only the first week of rehersals! I can’t believe I did this frosh year (although academically it was easy). I don’t know how I had any computer time though.

 So if I don’t post here as often, know that it’ because I’m practicing being a flapper and singing “So beat the drums ’cause here comes Thouroughly Modern Miilllllliiiiiieee noooooowwww!”