Star Trek

I don’t feel that I did this movie justice in my last post. So I’m going to talk about it some more.

Wait! don’t leave! let me convince you!

First off, let me just say, I was looking forward to this movie as soon as I heard the Chris Pine was in it. I am a very loyal person until something happens to make me not loyal. So that sounded good to me. I had seen some of the show, so I knew what it was about, who Spock was…

"Live long and prosper."

"Live long and prosper."

(Leonard Nimroy talks about the Vulcan Salute).

So, when I saw the trailer…I was pretty excited.

And then I saw the movie. It’s not just for Trekees. This movie has good action in it, good special effects (although it’s not that hard to be better than the ones in the original series). It stars Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, and it tells the story of how he went from getting fights to Captain of the U. S. S. Enterprise. Zachary Quinto Stars as Spock, although Leonard Nimroy also makes an appearence. Seriously, it’s not just for geeks and people who watch the show as kids.

Have I convinced you yet?


2 thoughts on “Star Trek

  1. I can’t believe it is August! Though the weather is hot enough for it to be… man I wish there was some way to cool our house seeing that we don’t have air conditioning. I’m considering spending all of tomorrow at the library.

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