an open letter

Dear Meg Cabot,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing all the many wonderful books you do. As I reread through “The Princess Diaries” series – which I loved the ending to, by the way, I am struck by how AWESOME your books are, again. They are perfect escapist reading.

In fact, your books have always been escapist reading for me. The first book I read was The Princess Diaries. The second week of sixth grade, my middle school had a book fair. I saw the book and, having seen the movie about a month before, HAD to have it. I remember that as soon as I saw it I stared thinking about how I was going to get the necessary $5.99. How I did, I  have for gotten. But Tuesday of the second week of sixth grade happend to be 9/11/01. I bought it on 9/11 – which I only know because I remember reading it that night while the news was on. In my childhood, there are few times I can remember the news being on in the evening – they are: the 1996 Presidential Election, the 2000 Presidential election, and 9/11. I remember reading a little bit, watching a little bit.

From then on, your books have always been escapist reading – especially through middle school (which was the worst three years of my life thus far and I would only do it again for a million dollars a year after taxes each year for the rest of my life).When I was in eighth grade, following the second biggest snow storm I have seen, you came to Portland, Oregon. To Portland’s awesome Powell’s Bookstore (on a side note, that particular branch moved, and they demolished the building it was in. So sad!). I got to hear you speak (a lot of it was about lyme disease, which you had recently been diagnosed with). And you autographed all six of your books that I owned at the time plus the book we bought then (Boy Meets Girl, which you were touring for).

Several of The Princess Diaries books I have actually gone to the store the day they came out to buy – and Forever Princess was no exception. I bought it, started reading it on the bus on the way home, and finished it in a few hours. It ended exactly the way I wanted it to end, too! And having graduated from high school six months before, it really hit home with me. I was, admittedly, sad that it was the last of The Princess Diaries books. Please, please, please write more – about Mia in college!!! Being in college now myself, I would LOVE to read them!!!!!

Do you think you will ever write and illustrate any children’s books? Because that would be awesome!!!

Keep on writing awesome books! Kudos!


Caroline, A Very Devoted Meg Cabot Fan


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