Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet

So I finished this sweater last week….the “Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan” from Stefanie Japel’s Fitted Knits.

When I first saw this sweater, I KNEW I had to knit it….it is named after one of my favorite heroines of all time (although I think Persuausion may have surpassed Pride and Prejudice as my favorite Jane Austen novel). And it has many things I like, such as cables and seed stich and being constructed as a top-down raglan.

I modified it for a different gauge and a different bust size (I’m kind of small…who am I kidding, more often than not I have to alter patterns so that they’re smaller than the smallest size…I’m TINY) and had problems with the sleeves. Last week, I finished it (and it was raining raining raining, obviously finishing the sweater cleared it up so I couldn’t wear said sweater right away). Details Raveled here.

So I present to you…the Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan….

Lizzie BennetLizzie BennetLizzie BennetLizzie Bennet

It’s no surprise that I took this quiz and got this result:

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Love my new sweater, and also love the fact that this quiz confirmed what I already kind of knew: I am an Elizabeth Bennet!


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