actual knitting content

So…actual knitting content!!!

here’s what I turned 8 skeins of the discontinued Debbie Bliss Stella (which was on sale at a store in Eugene) into:

Red Summer SweaterRed Summer Sweater 2Red Summer Sweater 3Slouchy Lace BeretSlouchy Lace Beret The sweater is the “#6 Cropped Hoodie” from the spring/summer issuer of Knit 1. I decided not to put a hood on it, and also to put buttons on it instead of a zipper. I don’t have buttons, I’ll get them out of my family’s buttone box when I go home for the weekend in two weeks, so for now I’ m using safety pins.

The hat was out of a desire for a slouchy beret. It’s my own pattern, not too hard, I’ll post it later.

Both of these were fun! The sweater was done in 10 days, the beret done in one viewing of “Mean Girls” (and side note…just because a limit is aproaching zero doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!!! Seriously, if you’re going to have complicated math in a movie, try and make it, I don’t know, ACURATE), one viewing of the BBC “Northanger Abbey”, one episode of “Tough Live” (reality show on VH1) and one episode of “Sex and the City”. Which makes it about a four and a half hour project…not bad!!!

I really like this yarn, and it’s too bad it’s discontinued….although I like it when I can get a lot out of less than $50 of yarn!!!


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