When two patterns are pretty much the same

So, I noticed something something a while ago. Cosmicpluto had a new pattern. Look carefully at that pattern, then go look at this pattern[rav link] published by Stefanie Japel in her book Fitted Knits (which was published in 2007).  Gee, it looks pretty much the same! Let’s see:

-Top down raglan construction

-Ribbing around edges of shrug

-Sizes on Stefanie’s pattern: 13 (14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20)” (from one shoulder to the other).

-Sizes on Cosmicpluto’s pattern:13 (14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20)” (measured from one armpit to the other)

I’m not saying the Cosmicpluto copied it on purpose. But is does seem aw-full-ly similar, doesn’t it?

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “When two patterns are pretty much the same

  1. Funny, I read somewhere recently that Cosmicpluto has become one of those “promote your design” blogs rather than an interesting knitting blog. I wonder if she feels like she’s under a lot of pressure to produce designs but doesn’t have ideas.

    Seriously, people should give themselves a break. I know they’re all trying to make it big as designers but no one should push themselves that much. I’m in awe of Anne of Knitspot though. She’s definitely a serious designer who seems to always be full of winning ideas.

  2. They aren’t that close. The ribbing is much deeper on Japel’s, and Japel also increased in the middle of the ribbing so it lies smoothly where Cosmicpluto obviously didn’t. On the other hand, I think Cosmicpluto’s sleeves fit better at the shoulder.

    There are only so many ways you can design a shrug.

  3. OK, I hope this will all fit…

    I asked someone at my publisher to look into this, and here’s what she came back with. Essentially, the pattern in question isn’t a copy, just has a similar look:

    While the two shrugs obviously have a very similar look, there are differences between the two patterns that do add up to the 15% difference that makes Laura’s pattern “original.” There are small differences, such as the yarn requirements, row gauge and amount of ribbing on the sleeves. There are also more substantial differences in construction. For instance, Stefanie’s pattern starts with the same number of cast on stitches for each size. The size difference is created by the number of increase rows worked. Laura’s pattern begins with a different number of stitches for each size as well as a different number of increase rows for each size. The biggest difference comes from the body ribbing. In Stefanie’s pattern, the ribbing is worked on smaller needles than the body and the ribbing includes increase rows. In Laura’s pattern, the ribbing is first worked on the same size needle as the body, and then on a larger size needle. Besides this needle change, there are no attempts to make the ribbing fitted. The number of stitches stays constant throughout the ribbing. While the two create a similar product, Stefanie’s is more sophisticated with more shaping, while Laura’s version is a more simplistic take on the garment.

    Thanks, though, for your post! I appreciate you looking out for me!!

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  5. Thank you for this comparison of two similar patterns! I was looking for a simple and wearable pattern for my first sweater, and found Laura’s version first online. I wanted it to be more fitted around the bust, so am glad I found your comparison – I just ordered Stefanie’s book and will be making her version instead of trying to modify Laura’s to get the right fit.

    Happy knitting!

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