The Shrug

So, awhile ago I posted about two shrugs that were very similar. Stefanie asked her publisher about it, and if you scroll down on my post, you can see her comment. Basically, the shrugs had enough differences that no one coulde be accused of copying. I still think it shows a lack of ideas on CosmicPluto‘s part.

But the reason I noticed was that I knit Stefanie’s shrug over winter break. I used two skeins Berroco Ultra Alpaca, and size 5 (3.75) 24″ circulars all the way (even thought the pattern has you go down two needle sizes for the ribbing).  I used colors 6285 (the blueish) and I think the other one must have be 6279, although I’m not sure. (The yarn was in the clearence basket of my LYS. I love Ultra Alpaca, so I couldn’t pass it up).


caroline trying to be a model...

caroline trying to be a model...

(This isn’t my room, it’s my friends’ room).

from "Fitted Knits" by Stefanie Japel

from "Fitted Knits" by Stefanie Japel

This was a fun and easy knit I’d wanted to make for awhile but was waiting for the right yarn to come along.  I’ll definitely be making it again!


The Purple Shawl

Wait, are you saying…what purple shawl? Look at my archives. Yeah. Here. And also here.  Boy, it’s been a WIP for too long, eh? But it is no longer a WIP!



Yes! It’s done!!!!


My name for it: THE purple shawl

Pattern: Shawl for the July Chapter of “Knitter’s Almanac” by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Yarn: Baruffa Cashwool[rav link] I have a whole other skein, it’s this super-fine laceweight with 1460 yards per skein (I know, right?)

Needles: US 2 (2.5 mm) DPNS, then US 2 (3.00 mm) Addi turbos, 16″ & 24″

Mods to pattern: Umm, the pattern calls for like size 10 needles, and I used sized Size 2. I knew it would be smaller/take longer. Only not. NEVER doing that AGAIN.

More pics!





When two patterns are pretty much the same

So, I noticed something something a while ago. Cosmicpluto had a new pattern. Look carefully at that pattern, then go look at this pattern[rav link] published by Stefanie Japel in her book Fitted Knits (which was published in 2007).  Gee, it looks pretty much the same! Let’s see:

-Top down raglan construction

-Ribbing around edges of shrug

-Sizes on Stefanie’s pattern: 13 (14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20)” (from one shoulder to the other).

-Sizes on Cosmicpluto’s pattern:13 (14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20)” (measured from one armpit to the other)

I’m not saying the Cosmicpluto copied it on purpose. But is does seem aw-full-ly similar, doesn’t it?

What do you think?