Baby Suprise Jacket!

So, I’ve been working on this awhile….and it’s done, except it doesn’t have buttons, and I’m too broke to buy any, so when I send it to my mom (it’s for her co-worker’s daughter, who’s expecting a baby in March), she can add buttons. She has a bunch…..and I don’t.


pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann

pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann

(this picture, for unknown reasons, is kind of blurry).


Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Yarn: Cascade Heritage Handpaints

Needles: US 5 24″ circular

Changes: The pattern specifies 2 gauges….6 sts per inch for the smaller (newborn) size and 5 sts per inch for the larger size…I got about 5.5 sts per inch in garter stitch.

I loved knitting with this yarn!

Here’s a picture with more accurate color…

this picture has more acurate color

this picture has more accurate color

This was a fun knit! Now I’m working on a hat to match.


One thought on “Baby Suprise Jacket!

  1. Babyknits! Personally, I think no one under the age of 22 should be allowed to knit stuff for babies. It creeps me out. I have however heard of the genius of that pattern. I wish you could figure out how it works without knitting it…

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