On fast socks…

Okay, I have an almost FO,  but it’s not quite done. But I was looking at the Yarn Harlot’s blog, and I wanted to post my theory for fast socks right here…

Last May, I knit a pair of Monkeys. Although they took me like a month and a half, they would probably have gone faster if it weren’t for the fact that I was kind of distracted (senioritis) and also busy (being in the final weeks of my Senior year). I think that (at least for me) once I did one repeat of the pattern, I wanted to do another (because it’s only like an 11 round pattern, or something like that) and it’s easier to feel like you’re making progress and getting somewhere when you have a pattern to keep you going, because it’s not seemingly endless stockinette stitch (which goes on…and on…. and on…..).  Projects with a certain pattern go faster than patterns with a pattern like stockinette.

That is my thoughts on fast socks.


2 thoughts on “On fast socks…

  1. Mine were Pomatomus-however-you-say-it. I guess the pattern just gripped me and I had to finish quick. I was super surprised when I finished them after a week and a half, two weeks tops.

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