Things to do in liau of my plans for tommorow because of the darn snow

1. Take the kid I used to babysit for the Christmas ABCs book I made him. Figure I can tell his mother that having an extra week that he’s not at kindergarden could be worse; when I was in kindergarden I had an extra week off too, only it was because of an ice storm that knocked our power out for 5 days.
2. Bake cookies that I have been meaning to bake all week.
3. Curse the weather gods for sending the snow while alternatively thanking them for getting wisdom teeth removal pushed off to spring break.
4. Go out in afore mentioned snow.
5. Invite best friend over. Curse weather gods for making it impossible for best friend to finish mother’s christmas gift, due to her having left it at school and aforementioned snow closing school all week.

Let’s see what I actually do from this list. The main thing I know I will do is curse the weather gods, for making it snow and closing school AGAIN for my extremely energetic and loud 13-year-old brother. Whom I love dearly, mind you.


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