So, Sunday morning it snowed in the Willamette Valley (the valley in Oregon where Portland and Salem and Eugene are, where I live). And when it stopped snowing, the temperature went down and the wind picked up. Our electricity went out for a few hours. We went into town (I live out in the “country”, where you can’t really walk anywhere except the neighbor’s house. And we have a well, which means no electricity, limited water). When we came home the power was back on, but being snowed in is BORING. The good part is that because the only person who can get out is my Dad (because he is the only one with chains and studded tires), I didn’t have to get my wisdom teeth out, which I was really dreading. (No stories about wisdom teeth, PLEASE!!!!!)
But, It means we can’t go out to get supplies for things to make. So I’m doing some knitting, but I can’t work on my gift knitting because the person it’s for (my mother) is home all day.

The problem with Portland , and actually, most of Western Oregon, is that because we only get episodes like this with lots of snow and ice every other year (and occasionally every year) and they only last for a week, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to actually INVEST IN MORE SNOW PLOWS & SNOWY WEATHER EQUIPMENT so that when this kind of thing happends the world (our world, anyway) shuts down. Personally, I think all the folks just like being able to stay home. I like it for about two days, then I get bored. Especially if it means I can’t actually do things I had planned for this weekend.
My brother’s happy, of course, it means he doesn’t have school. I wish he WOULD have school, that way I wouldn’t have to listen to him talk deal with him as much spend more time with him then I can handle.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get some knitting done.


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