[This was actually posted on November 5th, but have yet to take the clock on my blog off Daylight Savings time, so because I posted it at a little after 11 PST, it thinks it’s the 6th. But it’s not. Gonna go fix that now]. 


I don’t know what I should say, so I’m going to post something that I wrote last night while trying to do my homework. Well, I can say that it’s obvious that for many people, and especially for people I know. I’ve heard few (at least at my school) that are unhappy that Obama got elected. I talked to my best friend, who’s still in high school, and there were a lot of people there who weren’t too happy…sucks for them!!!

Anyway…here’s my race rant.

Barrack Obama is a man that can truly be defined as “African-American”, because his father was actually born in Kenya.

But calling some one “African-American” isn’t always politically correct; in fact; most of the time it is not. Think of it this way. If a couple born in Ireland moved to the US and has a child, that child is Irish-American. But if that child has a child with a person who was born in America, that child is just American. Yet we call black people “African-American” and most of them are not children of people born in Africa – we are just labeling them based on the fact that their ancestors several hundred years ago were born in Africa. So some people call them “black-American”. But this is too much of a label for me. I mean, if I am telling you about my friend Caitlin, and I don’t tell you she’s a specific race, it is naturally assumed that she is white. In fact, we assume most people are white unless it is stated otherwise.

Why do we still care about race? Why can’t they all be just people? Why does Barrack Obama have to be the first black president? (It is okay for him to be the first African-American president, because in his case, it’s actually an honest term).



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