Weekend report

So, I went home to visit my family and see my friend Marina, and also see You Can’t Take It With You at my high school.

But before I went, I finished up a WIP that has been languishing in my stash for months, and I brought it to school with me.

I think it's wool, but I don't really remember, and the  bag the roving came in wasn't labeled...

I think it









Some handspun. I bought the roving more than a year ago at Northwest Wools in Portland (along with the spindel, an Ashford). I bought some other roving, and spun it up, and knit into a little neckwarmer – I don’t know what I’m going to do with this bit of yarn – it’s only about 16 yards. (But spun much more evenly than the last bits of yarn I’ve attempted). I’m going to have to find some more roving. This spinning thing could get just as addicting ast the knitting thing……….

In knitting news, I worked on a Baby Suprise Jacket.

Baby Suprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Baby Suprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann









I’m knitting mine on US 5 3.75mm 24″ circulars, in Cascade Yarns’ “Heritage”. It’s really pretty, and the couple I’m knitting it for is expecting a boy!

Anyway, more later…I think I’m going to go find some roving now.


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