17 things

Well. I’ve been absentus for a while. No new news – wait, I got a laptop. And it has Wireless, but my house doesn’t have wireless. So I’m still using my Mom’s computer for the web, for now.

I went to Soutern Oregon – and while I was there, I went to the Web-sters in Ashland. I bought 4 skeins of Berocco Ultra Alpaca, and set out to knit a February Lady Sweater (rav link). I’ve got the body done, but am stalled on the sleeves. I also started “Button Your Raglan” from the 2008 SnB calender.  I hope to get at least one of these sweaters done before I leave for college September 25. Hopefully, the February Lady Sweater, because it’s green (and my school’s colors are green & yellow. Our Mascot has webbed feet. Go ahead, guess.)

So, I’m posting 17 thing I can’t live without, stolen from Stephanie.

1. Air. Duh.

2. Food.

3. Knitting.

4. reading.

5. Music.

6. Long hair 😀

7. Ice Cream

8. Cats.

9. Jane Austen

8. Meg Cabot’s Blog. Or anything written by Meg Cabot

9. Flying. On a plane, but I’d like to be able to fly without the aid of technology. It’d be cool.

10. Days like today where the outside temp was in the upper 60s and PERFECT. Except I was cooped up inside all day.

11. Foutain Pens. They ROCK.

12. Writing in cursive.

13. Purple, Green, Red, Yellow, orange, pink, blue.

14. Email, text messaging, & facebook.

15. Writing letters on paper.

16. The warmth of a nice, friendly yarn shop on a cold gray day.

17. Comics. Specifically, “Stone Soup”, “Family Circus”, “For Better or Worse”, “Luann” and “Baby Blues”.


One thought on “17 things

  1. #6-pshaw. *shakes her head*

    #7 is good though. I am trying not to think about it though, since my cafeteria doesn’t have any. 😦 #15! What a great concept. Also, you just like all the colors.

    A little seriousness: You’re only using 4 skeins for the February Lady Sweater? I bought 8 when I got my Ultra Alpaca. If you’re only using 4, that means I’ll have more than enough for any sweater I decide to try…

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