Going on vacation

Very early on Saturday, I will be leaving for Montana. I will return on Sunday, August 3rd.

So, FYI.

Oh. I was sooo glad to see Stephanie was back. I have missed her!

Anyway, see you after I get back from Montana.



…how have I not posted since June? Well, I’ve been working, and I wnet to Vashon Island for the Strawberry festival last weekend. On the ferry there, I met a guy who was crocheting a cupcake! It was awesome

Oh, and I finished my Mrs. Darcy cardigan. I actually wore it for the forth of July, because it was cold enough for a wool sweater here! I bet it’ll be cold enough for a wool sweater on my first day of school, but then my first day of classes is September 29th.

Tomorrow, in fact, I have orientation for college, IntroDUCKtion.  Also, week after next I will be in Montana.

More later!