Weather complaints

If you don’t like weather complaints, skip this post.

Geez Portland, what is UP with this weather? We had sunshine on sunday, june 8, and friday, may 30th, BUT THOSE HAVE BEEN THE ONLY SUNNY DAYS IN RECENT MEMORY. It is june, I want sun. Then, I can complain about how I have to go to work inside out of the sun….but I just want sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stupid global warming. I hear all them back east are getting a heat wave. GIVE US SOME HEAT I say. I’ve been using my heating pad the past couple weeks. I WORE A WOOL SWEATER FOR MY (thankfully outside) GRADUATION FROM HIGH SCHOOL. (I totally mastered the layered look for graduation. yay for me.)

Okay, end of rambles.


One thought on “Weather complaints

  1. Congratulations, graduate! What’s next for you?

    The heatwave in the East has broken, thank goodness. The power failed in my neighborhood when it first got hot, then was unreliable, so I spent the duration cowering in my basement, where it’s cooler. I had to throw out everything in my refrigerator – but looking on the bright side, I now have an extremely clean ‘fridge.

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