Umm, so.

I guess it’s been a while since I posted? Sorry, I’ve been busy. I’ve been Working, earning $$$. Which is good. I guess.

I’m almost done with my Monkeys. Down to the toes on the second one. And I have some other stuff going, but it’s on Ravelry. ❤ Ravelry! 

By the way, I’m in the market for a new MP3 player. My Requirements are:

-NOT an iPOD – they cost too much.

-Must have a slot for a memory card, so I can add more music

-Must be able to show pictures (of knitting, duh) and videos (I hope to find old Veronica Mars episodes – LOVED Veronica Mars!).

So, suggestions, anyone?


Weather complaints

If you don’t like weather complaints, skip this post.

Geez Portland, what is UP with this weather? We had sunshine on sunday, june 8, and friday, may 30th, BUT THOSE HAVE BEEN THE ONLY SUNNY DAYS IN RECENT MEMORY. It is june, I want sun. Then, I can complain about how I have to go to work inside out of the sun….but I just want sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stupid global warming. I hear all them back east are getting a heat wave. GIVE US SOME HEAT I say. I’ve been using my heating pad the past couple weeks. I WORE A WOOL SWEATER FOR MY (thankfully outside) GRADUATION FROM HIGH SCHOOL. (I totally mastered the layered look for graduation. yay for me.)

Okay, end of rambles.


Have I mentioned I’ve been on Ravelry? Well, I have, since…last August, I think. I’m “purlgrrl”.

I’m in the process of putting actual photos up on a new flickr page, and then I’ll get them up on ravelry. Just FYI.


…is tommorow, friday,  and there is a 90 % chance of rain at 8pm (and the ceremony is set to be outdoors & start at 8:15). IF the ceremony is indoors, THERE WILL BE NO BAND!!!!!!!!!!

This is extremely upsetting to someone who has played at the last three OUTDOOR graduations. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE cross your fingers & pray for  good weather – I DON’T WANT TO GRADUATE INSIDE WITH NO BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(stupid thing is saying I posted this June 6, when I actually posted this on June 5, at like 6:45 pm. I have to figure out how to fix that…) FIXED!!!

New Project

As if I never have enough projects, today I started Clapotis in some yarn I bought at Tangle Knitting Studio. The (nameless, but named by me Fushia Disco) is from Blue Heron Yarns and it is a rayon/metallic blend in…you guessed it…fushia, although the tag calls it berry.

Now, going to Tangle (the 2nd time I’ve been there today) I remembered why (I think) they haven’t lasted that long. I know there are Tangle lovers out there, but my main issue is that most of the yarn it aw-ful-ly expensive. For instatce, there normal price for a skein of Cascade 220 was $9. At other stores, I have seen it for $7 or maybe $7.50. The Yarn I bought (550 yards, BTW) is 550 yards, and was origanally $46.75. Everything was 30% off, so I paid $32.73 (kind of a lot when I think about it). I have visited quite a few yarnshops, most in Portland, but one in John Day, OR, another  in Ashland, another in Eugene, and some others in Seattle WA and Austin TX. (My fave shop off all time is Hill Country Weaver in Austin, and second to that is Soft Horizons Fibre in Eugen, just blocks from the college I’ll be going to next year 😉 ).

So, what’s important to me in a yarn shop? In no paricular order..

~Service – I was in Tangle for more than half an hour before anyone said anything to me. In Hill Country Weaver, I got asked multiple time if I was finding everything I was looking for, which is GOOD, because I don’t feel like an invisible teenager that way.

~Selection – yeah, and that’s another bone I have to pick with Tangle. They didn’t have that great of a selection, and that’s really important to me. (Although they had a lot of Rowan yarns, but they didn’t have Rowan Denim).

~Price – Needs to have reasonable prices…and I’ve seen some expensive yarns (handspun, silk/cashmere blends). I’m on a budget, and I want reasonable prices for nice yarns. Y’know, I can get cheaper yarn at Micheals, but I like to support  independent businesses.

I’m gonna go knit on Clapotis some more.