So, last week, the prom shawl went into a box with yarn in the corner of my room. It’s on hiatus. It will be done eventually, but once it is done, the only things I will be knitting on needles that small for a LONG TIME will be socks.

On friday, I finished knitting a potholder-loop rug. It is sitting on my newly-cleaned bedroom floor. As soon as I finished it, I got the bottom hem done on my en point wrap (I got one of the sleeves done last week). I’ve decided to focus on that and my Southwestern Socks until they’re done (hopefully before I leave for California in 2 and 1/2 weeks).

I think I have a (mild) case of finishitis.

I’ve decided to take small projects that need to be finished to CA. I am SO excited for this trip – I’ve been looking forward to it ALL WINTER. (After college, I’m going to move back there – I miss it, or maybe I’m just missing my annual trips down there).

Anyway, I just have to knit the second sleeve for En Point, then the second tie, and block it. As for the southwestern socks (they’re toe up) I just turned the heel, so now I only have to go up to the cuff. (Interestingly, the second sock is slightly smaller than the first sock – and this is my third pair of socks).

This week is AP tests – I have AP English Lit (thursday am) and AP European History (friday afternoon).

It never ends, does it?


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