Books I have read and other stuff

Today was my last day of free public education. Yup. My last day of high school.

Gulp. All my ed from here on out costs $$$$$$$!

Well, I’ll just have to tell you about books I have read recently.

Escape by Carolyn Jessop and Laura Palmer

What with all the stuff in the news about the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints, aka the conservative mormans with multiple wives), my mom got this book at the library about a woman who escaped the FLDS with her 8 children. Seriously, honestly, one of the most influential non-fiction books I’ve ever read. If you want to know more about the FLDS (like why the courts shouldn’t have let the kids go back to their parents) READ THIS BOOK.

What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones

Sequal to the fantastic What my Mother doesn’t know , This book continues in Sonya Sones style of short, sweet poems that make reading the book go by really fast. It’s also cool to see where things go with Sophie and Robin (from Robin’s perspective, this time!). Awesome.

Lost in Austen: Create your own Jane Austen Adventure by Emma Campbell Webster

Dude. I bought this book yesterday at Powells, and it’s SO MUCH FUN to read. It’s a game in a book. For example, what would have happend if Eliza Bennet accepted Darcy the first time around? A must read for any Jane Austen fan. (But read Pride and Prejudice first).

That’s all for now, TTYL!



Back from California, and will post more after I get through my last 3 days of school & the paper I have to write. I saw Indiana Jomes. A lot of stuff happend.


From here, lyrics to “Straighten up and fly Right”:

A buzzard took monkey for a ride in the air
The monkey thought that everything was on the square
The buzzard tried to throw the monkey off his back
But the monkey grabbed his neck and said– Now listen, Jack

Straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and fly right
Cool down, papa, don’t you blow your top.
Ain’t no use in divin’
What’s the use in jivin’
Straighten up and fly right
Cool down, papa, don’t you blow your top.

The buzzard told the monkey “You’re chokin’ me
Release your hold and I’ll set you free
The monkey looked the buzzard right dead in the eye and said
Your story’s so touching but it sounds just like a lie

Straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and stay right
Straighten up and fly right
Cool down, papa, don’t you blow your top.

(instrumental interlude)

Straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and stay right
Straighten up and fly right
Cool down, papa, don’t you blow your top.

I’m knitting a pair of Monkeys in Socks that Rock Lightweight (colorway: Knitters without boarders). I am lovin’ this pattern – the lace pattern is really easy to memorize!!! LOVE it!


Freakin’ gorgeous

the PDX area is having beautiful weather today.

I woke up this morning and it was cloudy, and I thought, darn, I was hoping for Sunshine.

But by 9am, it had burned off and it was sunny. My English Lit class had breakfast picnic in the “courtyard” behind my school. My teacher made us eggs. They were great, it was great.

In fourth period, we went scuba diving (in a tank). It wasn’t my favorite thing I’ve done in Outdoor Ed.

And when I came out of school, it was HOT – the thermometer says it’s 86.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even better – I LEAVE FOR CALIFORNIA IN ONE WEEK!!!! (WordPress says it’s 11:02, but it’s 4:07 pm PDT by my clock.

still…ONE WEEK!!!!!


I remember last August when I was counting down to the start of school and was 3 weeks away…well, now I’m THREE FREAKIN’ WEEKS from the VERY END OF HIGH SCHOOL.

The last two weeks have gone SUPER fast. But, it’s sad, after four weeks I’ll NEVER SEE SOME OF THESE PEOPLE AGAIN.

Actually, some of them I never want to see again anyway.


I only have 13 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is making me sad.

En Point

My En Point wrap cardiagan that I started last April is done. Sooner or later I hope to post lots of pics, but it’s really inconvienient cause we haven’t put Kodak Easy share on our new computer. (Despite the fact that THREE OF 4 FAMILY MEMBERS have Kodak cameras….but my parents don’t like it…).

Also, since I graduate A MONTH FROM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***hopefully*** I’ll have my own computer by then. Which I will install easy share on.

AP tests this week.  

(Note that I am posting this on May 6th, not May 7th, like it says – I graduate June 6th).


So, last week, the prom shawl went into a box with yarn in the corner of my room. It’s on hiatus. It will be done eventually, but once it is done, the only things I will be knitting on needles that small for a LONG TIME will be socks.

On friday, I finished knitting a potholder-loop rug. It is sitting on my newly-cleaned bedroom floor. As soon as I finished it, I got the bottom hem done on my en point wrap (I got one of the sleeves done last week). I’ve decided to focus on that and my Southwestern Socks until they’re done (hopefully before I leave for California in 2 and 1/2 weeks).

I think I have a (mild) case of finishitis.

I’ve decided to take small projects that need to be finished to CA. I am SO excited for this trip – I’ve been looking forward to it ALL WINTER. (After college, I’m going to move back there – I miss it, or maybe I’m just missing my annual trips down there).

Anyway, I just have to knit the second sleeve for En Point, then the second tie, and block it. As for the southwestern socks (they’re toe up) I just turned the heel, so now I only have to go up to the cuff. (Interestingly, the second sock is slightly smaller than the first sock – and this is my third pair of socks).

This week is AP tests – I have AP English Lit (thursday am) and AP European History (friday afternoon).

It never ends, does it?