So I know I haven’t posted in awile. And that’s because I’ve been super busy…but I’m finally done with Thoroughly Modern Millie. Sad, but true. Part of me is glad…part of me is heart broken. We had such a great cast…and after June I’ll probably never see most of them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 After we closed it was soooo emotional…..gosh, I never though senior year would come with this much emotion!!!

Anyway…I’m working on nothing but my July circular shawl….I really hope I get in done in time for prom (which is April 19…yikes!!!).

Of course, I also hope I have a date….

Have you seen the new Knitty? It’s up and their are a ton of things I want to knit…after I finish my shawl, of course! I want to knit more shawls too…it’s like how I didn’t understand knitting socks until I actually knit them…then it made sense.

Even though it’s March, I still write 2007 on things… is anyone else doing that? It’s just so weird that the year in which I will finally become an ADULT is here…

OMG, I have a case of senioritislike no other…I’m not using drugs (hell-o, that would screw up my knitting and make me smell bad) but procrastination? definitely!!! Like all the papers I’ve had to write….have been procrastinated on….


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