WIP report

So, I’ve been busy. Thoroughly Modern Millie opens a week from Wednesday (ack!!!!).

But just cause I’ve been working on a show doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting….oh no. Since I’m onlu in three scenes, I get a lot of knitting done.

Although it has been sunny for the past couple days, last week I needed something to take off the winter chill. So I finally started Wisp, which I had been wanting to knit for a while. Here is my wisp. It’s so light and pretty!

Yesterday I went to Molehill farm for about an hour and worked on my July Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. Here is my July Shawl so far.

Lately I’ve been reminding myself how much I’m looking forward to trip to Califorinia in May. I did this last winter too. But it’s sunny and warm down there and it’s…sunny and warm-ish here. I wish I could go down there at spring break…

Back to my homework now!


Yarn Harlot comes back to PDX!!!

yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 22nd, and I am going even if my leg is in traction, dang it. Because I missed her when she came to Portland in June because I had to play at class of 007’s graduation.

But she’s coming back and I WILL BE THERE!!!!


So, now I have a good idea of the picture I want for the header on this blog. I’m going to try and get it up this weekend.

Thoroughly modern Millie is keeping me busy. We open in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!!!! ACK!!! Considering how many people show up to rehearsals………………..

Oh, also what I’ll be doing is over here.

January Progress Report

So, today’s the first of february, and here I am, reporting on all the stuff I finished in January, and all my other UFOs.

Finished Objects

1-6-08 – Warm Up America squares – I made these to fill my community service requirement for my health class.

Recycled Sweater – finished 1/8/08 ~see older posts below.

Mom’s Purse – 1-20-08 – felted fair isle bag. I plan to post pictures after she has added her lining & handles.

Rishel’s Hat – 1-27-08 – My favorite english teacher wanted me to knit him a hat. So I made him a gree earflap hat and lined it with fleace. He LOVED it.

Black Legwarmers – 1-28-08 – I started these in, like, October, and finished them for Pepper’s Birthday on the 29th. She LOVED them.

So, now I have…12 UFOs. I’ve been working on my college afgan, and I finsihed the first of my Southwestern Socks yesterday. Although on tuesday I started a lacey black shrug (lacey as in double-looped than dropped stiches).

I’ve already started thinking about what kind of knitting/crochet project to take when I go to California with the band in May (we go by bus).

I also still really, really want to buy Stefanie Japel’s Fitted Knits. I might do the two tone shrug.

We’ll see.