Pride and Prejudice

I LOVE this book…I’m so glad that they’re showing Jane Austen stuff on PBS on Sunday nights. I read it for my AP English Lit Class, and LOVED it (I think I’m really getting into this Georgian era/gothic romance thing).

So today I went to the library to pick up some stuff I had on hold, and I got Stefanie Japel‘s Fitted Knits. Oh, man does this book kick butt!!! It has a ton of things I want to make…most especially the Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan. It’s so pretty. It has things I love:

1) seed stitch

2) cables

3) knit top-down


5) Oh,  just love it!!!

Anyway, it looks like the yarn called for for the smallest size would cost almost $130…so I’m going to look in thrift shops for a sweater to frog and re-knit into this…

Hopefully, this weekend I can post pictures of my first FO of 2008 (gaawk!!! 2008 ALREADY…..)


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