Heeeerrreee’sssss Caroline!!!

I am now here on WOEDPRESS!!! Lately there had been things on blogger that were just…..getting to me. Like, no strikethrough. See, now here I am!!!

It’s gotten COLD here in Oregon….I don’t think it got above 40° F. When I woke up it was just above freezing. We had some snow this morning…but it didn’t stick.

 I went over to M.’s house earlier and we made Mexican tamales…they are sooooooo good!!! I’m planning on a cozy evening of eating tamales, watching The Polar Express and working on my top down raglan….I have a lot to add to this blog!! TTYL!


One thought on “Heeeerrreee’sssss Caroline!!!

  1. Cute layout. ^^ It could be wider, but it’s still cute (even if it’s pink :p).

    Cold as in not above 40F? … I’m kind of glad I am getting over that notion, seeing as it hasn’t been over 28F for a week. (And it only gets that high when no one’s out and about.) It’s an adjustment but really, not that cold once you get used to it.

    Heh, I’m obsessed with cold weather these days. I think it’s part of my nature as wool-lover: gotta have that real cold to appreciate the wool, you know? Or something like that. I’m actually working on not appreciating the wool until it’s under 0F… or something like that. Seeing as I don’t have enough wool things to appreciate. Or something.

    Congrats on the move, I think?

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