Last Post of 007

Wow. 2007 has undoubtedly been the bestyear of my life thus far!!! I got my Driver’s license. I’ve learned a lot about myself as well as other people.What did you get for Christmas? Here’s what I got.Purple CashwoolPurple CashwoolPurple CashwoolTwo skeins purple cashwool. 1460 yards each!July Shaw in progress w/ materialsHow did I wind it, you ask? With my Ball winder and swift! I’ve been knitting it into the July Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac. So far it’s really gorgeous.

Happy New year.

ps: I am having a hard time learning wordpress. Does anyone know any good tutorials?


Holiday Links

Angel Tree Hat and Mittens

Christmas is coming, and MY COLLEGE APPLICATIONS ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay!!! I am not going to start on the scholarships until the day after Christmas. Period. 

Here are some Holiday (okay, Christmas, cause I don’t know any Hanukkah links) links.

First of all, to wish you a Merry Christmas, we have this.

Next, cause it’s amusing, we have this. How long did it take them to do that?

Now, blogwise, we have this blog. Of course, I highly reccomned you also keep up with the Yarn Harlot and her Christmas Knitting.

Now…what else have me? Oh, yes, you can create your own gingerbread house for $0 and no calories.

I absolutely loved this post. I want elves to come visit me!

On Wednesday I will be heading northward to visit my Aunt. So, TTYL!


So I got in to my school’s musical, which is Thoroughly Modern Millie. I am SO TOTALLY EXCITED, this is an AWESOME musical with an AWESOME cast.  It’s weird, though, to look at the people I’ve been going to school with the past four years, the people who I was in my last musical with (Oklahoma!, my frosh year) and think about how I won’t be around most of them next year. And to look at how some of them have so much potential to become famous on Broadway, but that’s not where they’re headed.

But gosh, I’d forgotten how much work it is to put on a musical, and this is only the first week of rehersals! I can’t believe I did this frosh year (although academically it was easy). I don’t know how I had any computer time though.

 So if I don’t post here as often, know that it’ because I’m practicing being a flapper and singing “So beat the drums ’cause here comes Thouroughly Modern Miilllllliiiiiieee noooooowwww!”

The first one!

Today I got my first college acceptance letter, from University of Oregon. I knew I would get this one, cause you’re automatically accepted if you have a 3.25 or higher, and I have a 3.36. I only have one college app left to get in though (and I’m just having it proof read).

I’m trying to put up some progress bars on the side bar…it’s a lot harder here than it was in Blogspot, actually. I’ve been working hard on the top-down raglan I’m knitting, cause I want a new sweater to wear.

Heeeerrreee’sssss Caroline!!!

I am now here on WOEDPRESS!!! Lately there had been things on blogger that were just…..getting to me. Like, no strikethrough. See, now here I am!!!

It’s gotten COLD here in Oregon….I don’t think it got above 40° F. When I woke up it was just above freezing. We had some snow this morning…but it didn’t stick.

 I went over to M.’s house earlier and we made Mexican tamales…they are sooooooo good!!! I’m planning on a cozy evening of eating tamales, watching The Polar Express and working on my top down raglan….I have a lot to add to this blog!! TTYL!