Back from Texas

I’m back from Austin. It was AWESOME!!!! To Dave and Stephanie, you ROCK!!! I had such a good time at your house!!! I got to teach Stephanie to knit (that was awesome!!!) and I got to visit Hill Country Weavers. Here is Sockina Cotton, with wich I’m going to make these socks. I’m also pretty sure I spotted Vickie Howell.

When I got up really early this morning, it was cold in Austin, and it’s COLD here in OR. So I’m gonna work on my top down raglan. It’s not yellow, it’s cream. But you get the idea. Ish.

Also – Stephanie, thank you for linking to me on your blog!!!! (That made me sooooo happy!) Look over on my side bar, what’dya see? Yup, a link to Sunbeam Soapbox!!
Now, I have to go do the homework I didn’t do before I left. See ya.

One thought on “Back from Texas

  1. I’m glad you had a good time in Austin. =) Socks are fun. I need more knitted socks… California vs. Minnesota = big difference in cold factor. Just a good excuse to keep on knitting, I say 😉

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