So. Super busy. College apps, AP classes, other activies….

So I was really glad I was going to have tommorrow off, until my Dad decided to haul me off to OSU to visit. Yup. SO not my idea of a good friday. I was hoping to put pics on here, of stuff I’ve finished lately. Nothing against OSU, but come on, it IS my day off. I didn’t get too many of those last summer.

Well, I will leave you with some great links instead:

The Biggest stash that I have seen on the web.
(Or ever, for that matter).
And, as a mini vacation…this. Since I don’t know how many of you can go to France.


One thought on “October

  1. Mmm, senior year of high school… not fun until the last half. Good luck!

    That link of the biggest stash has been going around. It’s like a yarn store, only free! That’d be amazing, but you’d have to pay a lot to get it that way… No thanks, I say.

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