Dad’s Socks

I am not knitting on anything but my Dad’s socks until they are done.


I AM making progress, though.


I spy

One pumpkin, two leaves and lots of trees loosing their leaves.
Yup, fall is here.


So, see that sweater over under WIPs on the side bar? Well, since I am too lazy busy to take a pic of it my self, I will tell you it looks most like this, although I am not as far along (too many other things to do). TTYL.


So. Super busy. College apps, AP classes, other activies….

So I was really glad I was going to have tommorrow off, until my Dad decided to haul me off to OSU to visit. Yup. SO not my idea of a good friday. I was hoping to put pics on here, of stuff I’ve finished lately. Nothing against OSU, but come on, it IS my day off. I didn’t get too many of those last summer.

Well, I will leave you with some great links instead:

The Biggest stash that I have seen on the web.
(Or ever, for that matter).
And, as a mini vacation…this. Since I don’t know how many of you can go to France.