Fall is here

Fall is here in Oregon. It is raining.

Some one’s gonna hate me for saying this, but I love it when it rains.

However, this fall is kinda sucky so far. And I have to fill out college apps (dang it, blogger, you don’t have strike through!!!!)

Anyway, this tree is in my backyard. Yeah. And it grew out of my Aunt’s compost pile too. Impressive, eh?

New WIPs (actually, not all of them are new):

Log Cabin Blanket: based on the log cabin Blanket in “Mason Dixon Knitting”. For using up stash.

Legwarmers: From “One skein”. Black, acrylic.

College afghan: for me to take to college next year.

Recycled I frogged. I wasn’t happy with it. I’ll make it into another sweater (although now I am thinking pullover).

Gotta go. English to do.


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