Red letter day

Today was a great day.

In English this morning we finished “reading the film” Citizen Kane, which is based on the life of William Randolf Hearst (y’know, Hearst Magazines or what and San Simeon down in CA?) Anyway, I really liked the film.

Then in spanish we did our presentation where we had to create a college and ours was in Venice, which was, of course, cool, and we got to skip the 2nd half and go help with the “campus cleanup” (graduation’s friday). From helping with that I got free lunch.

And in Band we went over to the elememtry school next door to play for all the little kids.

Then later, my friends and I had our Dornbecker(becuase every spring we have a huge fundraiser for the children’s hospital, which include a series of student vs. staff bb games) which we won 14-10 and I made a basket (!).

All in all, a good day.


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