Happy New year!

Well, since all my other fave knit blogs (and non-knit blogs, as well,) have been posting the last couple days, I will be the first to post for 2007. Yay! 2006 went so fast for me, despite evil things like chemistry and starting physics…..but hey, I survived chem and I’m doing better in Physics.

On the Knitting front, I’m almost dome with Fairly Easy Fair Isle, out of stich ‘n bitch Nation. And I only started it on thursday, but I’m gonna have a new sweater to wear to school on wednesday! Yay! (and my first wool sweater, too. and no I don’t mean tuesday….I get it off so I can watch former President Fords Funeral. ha ha just kidding! they like to give the teachers a day with out students before we all come back……and it just happend that we get to watch Ford’s Funeral. But it should be interesting, as I’ve never seen a whole state funeral before.)

And seeing as my loooooong printeing job (for my Dad’s belated x-mas gift) is done, I think I’ll go back to the knittin’!


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