Wow, summer is almost over!!! I go back to school a week from today….day after laborday, as usual. I like that. Some people have to start in August, which, I think, stinks. Anyway, I wish my school would upload our schdules to the web so I could see who my teachers are – I don’t want to wait another week but I will & can if I have to.

Anyway, here’s what I did this summer:

Went to MADD (music, art dance drama) camp

Got my learners permit (even though I could have gotten it a year ago)

Went to LA to se my uncle get maried.

Went from LA to Mississippi to repair damage done by….oh yes, Katrina…..IT’S BEEN A YEAR AND SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE STILL IN TRAILERS!!!!! YES, IT’S TRUE!!!!

Painted My room.

Went to __________ Lake, CA

Made myself a new comforter (blue!)

Went to Seattle (where I was….12 hrs ago)

And…..that’s it.

TTYL, teen knitter