Back…….hmmmm….Happy Independance Day!

Well, after my B-day, finals, and camp, I am finally BACK to this blog. Which I hope to update more often.

Anywhoo, Happy Independance Day! As much as I like my british pals, (not that I have any, mind you), I am VERY glas we separated from shakespeare-a-gogo-land over two hundred years ago. (check out “Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison if you don’t get it.) It was all for the better.

On the knitting front, my main project (I have about six going on right now) is a cotton cables sweater of my own design. It is made from cotton I bought at Craft Warehouse (an AWESOME store for yarn as well as other craft supplies) that is called……I Don’t Know What, since it’s GREEK. But it’s nice stuff, let me tell you.

Have a safe and happy in-dee-pend-ance day and BE CAREFUL WITH THOOSE FIRE WORKS, for goodness sakes.

~teen knitter~


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